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7 of the Best Reasons to be Using Facebook Ads

Are Facebooks Ads The Future of Social Media Marketing?

With over 2 billion monthly users, It’s no surprise that Facebook is considered the “King of Social Networking”, especially since it paid an astounding $1 billion to acquire Instagram back in 2012.

This means that not only are you able to target ads to the massive audience on Facebook, but you also have access to Instagram’s social platform which adds an additional 800 million active users!

Even better, it has been shown that 80% of all these users are outside the U.S, suggesting that the platform has massive global reach. These are some impressive numbers, but they are only the beginning of the benefit you could be reaping with Facebook Ads!

So without further ado, Here are 8 of the best reasons Facebook Ads will help make your business super successful in 2018, starting right now.

1. People LOVE to spend time on Facebook!

Let’s be honest… you just did the “facebook scroll” before landing on this article, didn’t you? Don’t hang your head in shame, you are not alone. In fact, the average person spends over 28 percent of his or her time online on social networks—up to 2 hours per day!

Sound crazy? Lucky for you, it’s not! The truth is that Facebook users like more than 4.1 million posts, post comments, make status updates, and post photos every single minute of every single day, and yet there are only 2 million active advertisers!

Are you kidding me! Talk about a “Blue Ocean”!

If you want your products to be seen, you need to have an audience! Facebook provides a platform with not only an almost 3 billion reach, but also a place where it is almost guaranteed your ads will be seen by engaged users!

2. Targeting is Easy and Super Awesome

So, you have a giant Facebook audience to put your ads in front of… You could rent a blimp and sale it across the world and get a large audience viewing, too, right?

Obviously, there is more to advertising success than just getting it in front of many eyes. This makes Facebook’s targeting feature another massive asset you should be using! With Facebook Ads, you can use location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections to define a target audience!

Better yet…

Facebook allows you to get in front of specific and motivated segments of your audience with several other powerful ad targeting options! These targeting features include:

  • Using recent purchase behavior to target.
  • Life-event targeting–Of course that mom who just had a baby is going to be interested in diapers!
  • Custom audiences that nurture leads and build loyalty.
  • Create audiences that look like your own targets (“lookalike audiences”).
  • Layer targeting options and get super granular with your targeting.

With so many targeting features, Facebook is a platform that will let you get your product or service in front of the people who will want to buy! What more could you ask for!

3. Your Promotions Will Get Your Posts in Front of People!

So we know that with the recent Facebook algorithm changes, your business page’s organic reach has basically died. Check your organic posts, and you will see a measly 5, maybe 1o viewers, per post! It’s stupid and unfair, but it IS the way things are. The sad truth is that if you have a business page, only 0.5 percent of your fans, on average, will actually see your updates.

Fortunately for Facebook Ad users, though, Facebook is more than happy to show your posts to people if you are willing to dole out the money.  It may seem unfair (though I can’t really blame Facebook for making the changes) but if you want to see growth it is time to bite the bullet and invest in Facebook ads…

The good news, though, is that although your organic reach may need some “money-sprucing” with Facebook ads, you won’t have to empty your wallet to get your posts in front of people. Typically, $50 will get your message in front of 5,000 to 10,000 people. And you can be extremely picky about who you target!

4. Organic Growth is Best Grown With Ads!

Say what!

It’s true, By using ads, you’ll likely end up getting more organic reach for your content! 

It might seem counterintuitive, but the truth of the matter is that if you have awesome content and you put forth the initial money to get it seen via Facebook ads, the likelihood of your organic reach shooting up is pretty high!

Sound too good to be true?

I promise you it’s not because once your content is in front of people, influencers can share your Facebook Ads (yes, people DO share ads), leading to your content being exposed to an even larger audience who can organically share, who lead to a bigger audience who can share, who lead to a bigger audience…

Remember, engagement snowballs as you go on social media!

5. The Facebook Ads Remarketing Feature!

What am I talking about?

Well if you didn’t already know, with Facebook ads you can “retarget” audiences who have already been exposed to your product or service! Maybe they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. When someone interacts with your brand, Facebook follows up by allowing you to specifically target that audience with your ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google.

If you do not understand the power of this you need to get your head on straight! The truth is that remarketing is probably the most powerful way you can grow your business.In fact, targeting a warm audience (those who have interacted with your brand before) can turn a single-digit conversion rate into a double-digit one! Seriously! Just make sure you are using remarketing for your hard offers–sign-ups, consultations, downloads, etc.

Oh, and don’t forget to set up your Facebook pixel!

6. The Call-to-Action Buttons Feed You Leads Like Crazy.

With almost 1.4 million mobile Facebook viewers every month, and half a billion of its users only accessing the network via mobile, having “call-to-action buttons” is an insane opportunity to capture leads!

Honestly, in terms of gaining leads, this Facebook Ad feature may be the best thing out there! Think about it! all it takes is for someone to see an ad, click on the call-to-action button, and voilà the lead is captured. Amazing!

No longer do you have to depend on the old-school desktop search conversion funnel where a viewer has to see an ad, click on it, visit a landing page, and even after all that only (some) leads are captured. The call-to-action buttons are so easy to use and allow you to completely bypass the old, stupid, and dated funnel concept entirely!

It doesn’t get better than that! 

7. Facebook Has Tools That Make Managing Ads EASY!

A lot of people still want to say that Facebook Ads are too complicated and not worth putting the effort into, but it’s just not the case once you learn to use the awesome tools Facebook makes available to you!

These include:

  • The Facebook Ads iOS App which lets you manage your campaigns and even create new ads from your mobile device.
  • The Facebook Ads Text Overlay Tool which you can use to upload your images and see if they qualify as ad images.
  • Social Stats which offers a great way to visualize the potential audience for your Facebook Ads.
  • Qwaya which allows you to create and test multiple versions of your ads. (though it is a paid tool, so you will have to dish out some money to use it.)

and several others that can help you manage and grow your audience and convert leads into customers!

If you still aren’t convinced that you can manage Facebook Ads, but you see the obvious truth that you should be! You can either check out this awesome training course put together by our friends (and massive influencers in the small business industry) over at Sendjim, or if you just don’t want to mess with the hassle of learning all the ins and out of Facebook ads, the team at Growthswag can set up and run your ad campaign for you!

Seriously, though, don’t wait! Facebook Ad’s are the future and will have huge benefits for any business! Make 2018 the year where you get on board and grow your business like never before!

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