Boost Your Traffic By 192% With This Social Media Posting Schedule

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Boost Your Traffic By 192% With This Social Media Posting Schedule

If you follow the steps given in this post, I can guarantee that 77% of you will boost your traffic from your posting schedule on social media by 192%!

Pumped about increasing your website traffic yet? Well, there is more!


Of those who choose to follow these steps, traffic will increase for 40% of you, by 268%; there will also be a 483% traffic increase for 37% of you. This is proof that this posting formula works.


This is an example of the success you can achieve after one week of applying this social media posting schedule just to Twitter. Honestly, you’ll get even more traffic from each social network if you use the process outlined in this article.


Content is usually only shared on social media about 1-3 times by 77% of you. 40% of you only share 2-3 times on social media, and 37% only have one social media share after it’s published.


It’s actually pretty easy to understand; You apply the formula to your current schedule for social media posting to share posts within minutes. You can grow your traffic, save time and get organized just by following the process.


This is it:

sharing social media messages

“Appealing messages on social media + new post promotion game plan + ideal social sharing frequency + best content shared again = way more social media traffic.”


It’s as simple as sending the most absorbing social messages for content and getting more traffic.


So, if you want to learn the formula for driving traffic that works amazingly when used with your social media templates, then continue reading.



social media message

Write Captivating Social Media Messages for High Click through’s

You write social media messages as an invitation for the party on your blog, so make sure the party is one that people want to attend! If it sounds lame, they won’t care to show up.


Each message should be treated as a call to action:

  • Sell the value your followers will get by clicking on your post.
  • Get them to question a belief with the potential to a solution
  • Get them to feel like they’re missing out on something amazing

You have the potential to gain 38% more click-through rates compared to typical messages by learning how to write the best social media messages.

Now, here is exactly how you will grab traffic on your social media posting schedule:


For every blog post you write, create 25-30 headlines to use for social shares. Upworthy is known for using this technique, and they’ve found that the more you write, the better they get.

Even though Upworthy may only write 25 headlines, you can write 30 titles for the better. The titles with the most shares on social media are How To, Questions and List Posts. The more shares you get, the more click through’s you get.

Write 10 headlines for each of these most shared headline types, and choose the best of each type for an A/B/C test.

If this sounds a bit tricky at first, here are 10 templates to help you get started:


How To

  1. How To Start _____ That Will Help You _____
  2. How To Improve _____ So You’ll Feel Like A _____
  3. How To Grow _____ To Be A Successful _____
  4. How To Increase _____ When You _____
  5. How To Boost _____ With A _____
  6. How To _____ For The _____
  7. How To Make A _____ In A _____
  8. How To Create The Best _____ In The World
  9. How To Run A Successful _____ To _____
  10. How To Do Outstanding _____ On A ______


  1. When Is The Best Time To _____?
  2. How Do You _____ When You _____?
  3. Will _____ Help You _____?
  4. Why Is _____ Better Than _____?
  5. What Can _____ Teach You About _____?
  6. Where Is The Best _____ To _____?
  7. How Can You _____ To _____?
  8. How Will _____ Make Your _____ More Successful?
  9. Is _____? Insider Advice to _____
  10. What Really Is The Best _____?


  1. 43 _____ From _____ Of The Most Popular _____
  2. 20 Ways To Be _____ When You Don’t Feel _____
  3. 25 _____ That Will Amplify Your _____
  4. The 6 Types Of _____ That Will Give You _____
  5. 11 _____ That Will Make You _____
  6. 23 Ways To Get Even More From _____ To _____
  7. 10 Rules For _____ Your ______ Will Love
  8. The Easy 5-Step Process To _____ In Just 30 Days
  9. The 10-Minute, 10-Step Solution For The Best _____
  10. 21+ Easy Ways To _____ That Will Skyrocket By _____ In 1 Year




Use this social media hack for increased click-through rate:

  1. As soon as you publish your post, share the headline to Twitter.
  2. After an hour, share your second-best headline to Twitter,
  • Check Twitter analytics to see which headline had the best click through’s.
  1. Now use the best headline for your post and all subsequent social media posts.


You Want Your Questions to Arouse Curiosity


Open-ended questions are thought to help a conversation continue, which is true, but these questions will actually hinder your click-through rate when used in social media posting schedules.


When compared to social messages that are open-ended, close-ended questions get more click-through rates. On average, you’ll get 255% more click through’s on close-ended questions compared to open-ended.


Saying “yes” or “no” to a close-ended question in your mind gives the impression that the answer is only a click away.


Take People Off Guard With Your Advice


Try to imagine that you’re driving down a road when you see a horse in a field. Its just a regular looking brown horse, nothing extraordinary. But, what if the horse was hot pink. That would be something to stop for! Sharing messages on social media that are original and extraordinary, when everyone else is posting the same things, will help your post stand out.


The messages that stand out are the ones that get the most click-throughs.


Catch your audience off guard with these different types of messages:


You Know Nothing


It isn’t always easy realizing that something you thought you knew is actually wrong. It so happens that posting about something that is mostly accepted to be true will indeed increase your rate of click through’s.


How do you write messages like this? Controversy is key, and you can use anecdotal evidence in your posts when writing them!


  • You don’t always offend others with controversial content. If you want higher click through’s in fact, your messages shouldn’t be offensive. You want to connect with the three B’s: behavior, belonging, and beliefs.


Creating a division in a person’s behavior, beliefs, or feeling of belonging will get them to try to disprove or confirm your stance. Either way, it’s good because it will create a buzz.


  • When information is based on a person’s experience, it may not be very true, this is called anecdotal evidence.
    1. Share data in your post that you find which disproves commonly held norms
    2. Share your thoughts about opinions that may differ from others


It’s alright to add on to already great ideas others have written about. Basically, nothing is original; this ties into people liking to either confirm or disprove beliefs.



use humor

Research shows that humorous content is shared by 49% or people. How can you include humor in your social messages?

  • Break the pattern after writing three series. People have been conditioned since childhood to like series of three, and it’s funny when the pattern is detached.
    • How to get more clicks by 157% by creating better posts, increasing shares, and giving your dog more treats.
  • The use of cacophony. Basically, this is using funny sounding words (cucumber, car keys, hippopotamus, etc.). combining cacophony and alliteration is extra funny. Use Evernote to create a word bank of cacophonous words in your industry for future use.
  • Create comics. Draw them yourself too!
  • GIFs are great. GIFs drive traffic, they get 22% more engagement compared to messages and images. GIF messages get 167% more click through’s than messages with images.


Use GIF sites like Giphy or Pokey to find funny GIFs that relate to whatever message you’re sharing. Then top it off with an awesome social message.


What’s In It For You?


This is a completely legit question, of course, your followers are going to want to know if your content is worth their time.

Make sure to show how they will benefit by clicking through to read your content. Here are some classically good types of messages:




You probably did a lot of research before starting our post. Use a quote from someone you referenced as inspiration for your message on social media.

Follow up the quote with why your followers should read your content (also known as a call to action).


It’s as simple as copying a quote from your article and referencing the source. Be sure to write something such as “Learn how you can start this!” with a link to your post.



problem solving

Your post should solve some sort of problem for your reader, there needs to be value in your post.

Don’t forget that your followers on social media are selfish (not negatively). They care about themselves more than others, and they will click to read content to improve themselves in some way.


This will help you create posts that your followers will connect with emotionally, meaning they’ll click through to your content.




As simple as taking a cool sentence from your post to share a social message.

click to tweet

You can use a Click To Tweet plugin to get more shares for your work, and it’s free!


To reiterate, you’ve just learned that these messages on social media will get you the most traffic:

  • Emotional headlines
  • Closed-ended questions
  • Controversial messages
  • Humor
  • Quotes
  • Benefits
  • Helpful snippet


You can write a bunch of social messages one time and reuse the messages time and again on a social media schedules posting. You can accomplish all of this without copying and pasting or logging in and out of networks.




Each New Blog Post Should Follow A Proven Social Media Posting Schedule

The majority of people (67%) spend about 2-4 hours writing a post, and 30 minutes creating social media messages. After all this work, 77% of people share just 1-3 times on social media.

Why is there a lack of promotion with all the effort put into the post?

At least by the time you’ve gotten to this point you have about 9 different social media messages that will help you share the post more than once without annoying your followers.


This is how you can add those messages to your posting schedule:


Best Time To Share

google analytics

Scheduling your messages for the highest traffic times is key. You can use the Google Analytics custom report to see what times your followers are most active on social media. The first page you’ll come to in this report is the landing page listing your networks in order of highest trafficked (by page views).

Select any of the networks in your list to discover exactly which times traffic is highest. You can then use this information to plan your schedule for posts.

  1. Use Google analytics to see when your followers are most active
  2. Create a spreadsheet with the number of page views per hour per network. You can easily use the export function, then sort your data according to the hour; then simply copy and paste into your schedule spreadsheet.
  • Figure out when you’re getting the most traffic on each network so you know when you should be sharing for optimal views.


Once you’ve reached this point, you have already written 9 different social media messages per post. You also now know the optimal times to post your messages to get the most traffic. Next, you’ll promote your content for a month by setting up your posting schedule with your own data.


Here’s a couple things to keep in mind when starting out:

  • Since you have multiple messages you’re able to share one post multiple times. Be sure that each network gets lots of different messages.
  • You’re able to share more often on some networks compared to others.


Now that your schedule for social media posting is set up, you can start exploring the peak social sharing frequencies. Doing this will allow you to add more messages for older content on evergreen which will then allow you to get more traffic by sharing your content more frequently.




How Often You Can Post On Social Media Every Day

According to Buffer:

  • 3 scheduled tweets per day: engagement drops after the third tweet.
  • 2 scheduled Facebook posts per day: Be unique, even if you’re sharing the same content, change up the picture or message accompanying it. Unless you’re targeting specific time zones, you don’t want to share the same thing over again. After your second Facebook post a day your likes/comments drop, so approximately 10 posts per week seems to work.
  • 1 scheduled LinkedIn post per day: since you only get one post per day to be successful, make sure that the image and copy are the best.
  • 3 scheduled Google+ posts: 3 seems to work best, but more can be posted if you are an avid Google+ user.
  • 5 Pin shares per day: Pinterest has shown great success with lots of posts (3-10 per day). If you don’t have many posts 5 may be tough, but try to shoot for at least 3 per day.
  • 5 Instagram shares: May sound weird, but this is just based on data. Try to post 1-2 times per day if you have high-quality posts.

According to Constant Contact, here’s what you should be posting (similar to what Buffer recommends):

  • 35 tweets per week: this works out to 5 tweets per day since Twitter is described as a low value, high volume network
  • 3 Facebook posts per week: Facebook is described as a high value, low volume network, so you don’t want to over post, and quality is key.
  • 2 LinkedIn posts per week: users of LinkedIn are mostly professionals, so you must schedule in a way that maximizes the work week
  • 3 Google+ posts per week: they recommend you post at least 3 times a week, and at most 10 times.
  • 35 Pin shares per week: this is a high volume high-value network, so post a lot to get a lot, aim for 5-10 times per day.


These are simple guidelines you can follow to get the most out of your posts, however, this will all vary depending on how often your followers engage, and how constant you are at up keeping these frequencies while also creating great posts.

There is also some research conducted by Hubspot which revealed that followers responded differently depending on the industry. While some industries required more frequent posting, others seemed to require less.


So, how often should you post for your industry? Well, there is a ton of sources with varying advice, so here is a list of the minimum and maximum posts you should be scheduling per day. Play with these numbers until you find what works best for you!

sharing posts

  • Twitter: 15 posts
  • Facebook: 1 post; 2 posts if your audience is over 10,000.
  • LinkedIn: 4/week
  • Google+: 2 posts
  • Pinterest: 9 pins


With all the information you’ve just taken in, this is what you should take away: create your posting schedule; share the appropriate number of messages for each network per day; do this with sharing your older content.




With Your Most Successful Older Blog, Set Up A New Posting Schedule For Social Media

By sharing several more messages per day, you’ll be able to boost your traffic from your posting schedule. Keep in mind, though you may already have multiple messages for every post, don’t forget to also share lots of different content to keep your feed varied.


Share Your Most Recent Best Performing Content


When you get your content shared, it allows you to see what type of content is most enjoyable or helpful to your followers. Use this information to decide what you should continue to share after your first post.


Average out the shares each post has received with this formula: the sum of all posts/number of posts in your sample = average number of shares per post.


Using the results of your calculation, you can know to re-share the posts that got higher than the average share. If you do this, you’ll definitely see more traffic to your content as well as more followers!


Share The Still Awesome Older Posts

older evergreen posts

To fulfill your maximum social sharing schedule, you can add in those older evergreen posts that still bring in the traffic. If you need to figure out what content your followers want to see again, look at your most shared blog posts. This will show you your most popular posts that you can easily share again. Google Analytics will also show you the most get the most page views as well as sessions. This way you can see the posts that are still bringing the traffic in and now you just need to share them again.


In order to make this go smoothly, it’s not a bad thing to actually set aside a block of time for this specific task. Use this time to find the best of your old posts that you can then input into your schedule so that they’ll be shared on the appropriate day at the appropriate time. Once this task is complete, you no longer need to think about it or try to remember when you need to post something.


You can easily create different social templates for what you need to make this happen:

  • One for new posts
  • One for newly published re-sharing
  • However many you need for the sharing of the older posts


sharing social media messagesYou’ve made it this far, with all the information you’ve read, here is a review of what you’ve learned to help you become a savvy social media sharer.


  • Social messages that are unique and stand out amongst all the other feed. Try out multiple headlines, be controversial, use humor, quotes, snippets, share benefits and ask some questions.
  • Newly published posts need a social template. Google Analytics custom report will help you find the best times, then you can map the social shares to an entire month of social share.
  • How often you should post to social media matters, as it will help you to get the most traffic while not turning away followers. Try to schedule 15 tweets, 1 Facebook post, 2 Google+ posts, and 9 pins per day, as well as 4 LinkedIn posts every week.
  • Schedule messages for older posts with different social templates. To steer clear of annoying your followers with too many messages, make sure you stagger the times and days for shares.



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