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The Four Email Marketing Strategies for Any Business Owner

There are 7 billion people on this planet; of those people, 2.6 billion are currently using email. By 2019, it is approximated that 2.9 billion people will use email. Email marketing has been in use almost as long as email has, and with the amount of people using email, it’s no wonder that marketing this way has so much potential. However, as with any marketing strategy, you must implement it appropriately to see significant success.

With email being so popular, the competition is the highest it’s ever been. You will want to take heed of the best tools and tips at the start of your campaign in order to build success for your business.


Here are some tips when getting started with email marketing.


  1. Your personal touch

One of the best things you can do with email marketing is to attempt to establish a relationship with the potential customer. Nobody likes receiving emails that are so general and bland that they don’t even seem to care about your needs.

The best thing you can do is to treat it somewhat like a first date. You’d never show up and start telling the person that you’ll only be single for a limited time, so they better take you before someone else comes along!

Like a typical first date, you should always start with an icebreaker. Listen to what your date is saying, get to know them by letting them talk about themselves first.

All this doesn’t have to be that hard either. There are so many different tools and programs that can automate your emails that will make each one specific based on the customer.

Make it a two-way conversation; answer emails, build conversations by greeting them by the name they used when they signed up to your mailing list.

A great tool to use with email marketing is one that shows you who opened your newsletters, who visited your site from it, and also those who deleted it. These are the insights that are valuable when helping you market successfully.

Your customers will feel comfortable with you and will eventually trust you when you take the time to build a relationship with them instead of treating them like a number.

You should also remember to incorporate an address for personal replies, as well as an unsubscribe button; never make your subscribers feel trapped!

You can use Actionetics to view your key metrics when analysing the performance of your emails.


  1. Content

The best content possible is what you’re after. Marketing industries and SEO’s have adapted to offering the best possible content to their clients. This is because Google’s search algorithms favour high quality content in rankings and recommendations. Therefore, you must use the best content possible to succeed.

Other than the search engines favouring high quality content, you should focus on producing high quality content solely to please your customer base.

Pleasing your following with your most unique and creative content will attract attention in and of itself online. No need to try to work Google’s algorithm when the algorithm will understand your amazing content as it’s all online.

Once you have a following, and more people are subscribing to your emails, you need to keep them subscribed by keeping things interesting, and also b respecting their time. By creating content that is beautiful and original, you can motivate and inspire your readers, keeping them hooked to your content. By doing this, you’ll keep your subscribers happy and willing to purchase what product/ service you happen to be selling.

No matter your market, distributing the best content possible is key to getting your subscribers to share it with their friends. It’s the “wow” factor that inspires people to want to share what they’ve just read; you want to strive to incite this “wow” factor in all the content you produce.

Maybe you’re not too sure about your content, but before you go searching for copywriters, give Funnel Scripts a try. Funnel Scripts has everything from content generation to sales letter and everything in between.

  • Automation

With the plethora of tools available to help you automate your email marketing, you definitely need to incorporate some of them into your process.

Imagine that a person subscribing to your mailing list is the same thing as a new neighbor knocking at your door. They want to meet you and perhaps be your friend, if you leave them waiting on your doorstep however that will be pretty hard for them to do. You must open your door with a welcoming smile and invite them inside to have at least a small chance of befriending them. Get it?

Even if your email is automated, a greeting will make your subscriber feel welcome and happy with their choice to subscribe. You need to have a warm welcome email to greet each new customer.

Actionetics will help you by letting you automate emails for follow-ups, sales, greetings, etc.


  1. Tools

Now, when starting with email marketing, it’s best to come equipped with the tools that are available to help make everything a bit easier.

  • Actionetics
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • Infusionsoft
  • Mad Mini
  • Mailchimp
  • MacroPost
  • Ontraport

These are just a few of the helpful tools available to make your email marketing process a bit easier. One of the most important features of the tools is they will become a database for you subscribers (sometimes referred to as a list). You can use the database to view how many subscribers you have, what their activity levels are, and so much more!

There are tools out there that will offer different email templates for you to use. Some tools include builders to help you touch up your current templates so you never need to write a line of code (you know, in case that’s not your thing).

Other than these, there are so many different and unique features available in each of them, with different price plans to match any budget. So long as your essential areas of use are accounted for, there will always be positives and negatives with different tools.


Now that you know the core of each of the four strategies outlined, you have the ability to be well on your way to creating your most successful email marketing campaigns! If you use these appropriately along with the tools to help you, you can be sure to watch your subscriber list grow and convert!

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