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You Can Build Faster Funnels with Plugins

Too often I hear website owners say, “I want all kinds of cool features on my site, but I don’t know how to code!”

This is a common problem with a surprisingly simple solution: WordPress plugins.

WordPress powers 25 percent of all websites in the world. That’s huge! Millions of people use WordPress, and there’s no shortage of WordPress plugins. These nifty plugins give extra features to a WordPress site with zilcho coding knowledge. Honestly, there’s a WordPress plugin for anything you want to do on your site.

And yes, that includes building sales funnels! People think you need a developer and a huge marketing department to use sales funnels, but plugins can give you a lot of the same bang for less buck.

Why funnel plugins are way faster

Sales funnels aren’t the easiest things to set up, track, and manage manually, especially when you’re a small business. Small business owners are masters of all trades. But many aren’t equipped with the time and specialized skill to edit code.

WordPress plugins save you a ridiculous amount of time and money. Funds are tight sometimes for businesses, and it’s hard to scrape together the cash to hire a developer. With a plugin, you don’t have to rely on a developer. Most of the plugins offer tools with easy-peasy, drag-and-drop builders. You just need to have basic computer skills and you’re good to go.

Plugins are extremely fast. Install the plugin and BAM! You can get off the ground with building sales funnels in literally minutes. And that means more money in your pocket more quickly.

Business owners often don’t have the time or extra resources to build custom sales funnels for their website. That’s why I always recommend using WordPress plugins.

Not sure where to start? Check out my top four favorite WordPress plugins for funnel building.

Do you think anything is missing from this list? Let me know what funnel plugins you like in the comments.

The best funnel plugins

1. OptinMonster

It has the word “monster” in its name, so you know it’s a beast.

OptinMonster has a ridiculous amount of funnel-building features. Like the other plugins on this list, they have a simple drag-and-drop page builder. Their email opt-in forms feature two-step verification, which is a perfect way to keep your email list clean and bot-free.

OptinMonster uses exit-intent technology to predict when a user is about to say “Sayonara” to your site. It’s at this point that they offer a mobile-optimized popup, where you can entice visitors with a last-minute freebie or offer. Reduce your bounce rate while giving customers added value with this nifty tool.

And then there’s the yes/no funnel logic. OptinMonster isn’t just a simple page builder. It’s a hands-off approach that saves time by putting customers through an automatic sales cycle.

It’s like having someone hand-deliver interested clients to you who are hungry to buy.

OptinMonster charges on an annual basis and offers three pricing packages. The $9/mo option includes opt-in forms, split testing, and reporting for one website. For $19/mo, you can add the opt-in bar, forms, and content locking for up to three sites.

But if you want to take full advantage of OptinMonster’s features, I recommend their $29/mo package. It’s pricier, but it gives you exit-intent popups, mobile-optimized forms, yes/no logic, and priority support for unlimited websites. Neat, right?

2. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads specializes in email list-building, but it has tons of other features. This plugin focuses on growing your site’s traffic organically, mostly through the power of email list-building.

But hey, they do more than email. Thrive Leads offers customized opt-in forms, A/B testing for forms and landing pages, exit-intent popups, and plenty of trigger-based features to give site visitors a customized experience.

They even offer landing page templates if you don’t want to start from scratch. Simply enter your text, pictures, and videos into a template and you’re off to the races.

If you want more movement to your site, Thrive Pages also offers a variety of animations for opt-in boxes.

Thrive Leads has a 30-day money back guarantee for all of its packages. This is awesome if you want to use and learn about the plugin without committing to a year of service.

Thrive Leads has several pricing options, but I would only recommend two of them. The first is the $19/mo option, which lets you use Thrive Leads for up to 25 sites with unlimited support.

If you just want Thrive Leads for one site, I recommend the $67 one time fee for their single site license. It’s cheaper in the long run and you still get updates, all of the features, and customer support.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages got their start as a drag-and-drop page builder, but they offer a complete, end to end sales funnel plugin.

Like the other plugins I’ve listed here, Leadpages has an easy page builder for collecting leads, as well as exit-intent popups.

However, Leadpages offers a few features that make it truly different from other plugins.

Leadpages integrates seamlessly with Facebook Ads. In fact, you can design and build Facebook ads with Leadpages. The plugin will even put the Facebook tracking pixel on your site and offers automatic audience targeting. If you run pay-per-click ads regularly, this feature could save you lots of time.

Leadpages also offers payment processor integration, which is perfect for eCommerce stores.

This plugin is a little pricier, but I believe it has features that make the cost worthwhile. Their billing is on a yearly basis.

For $25/mo, you get page templates, Facebook Ads integration, a $100 Google AdWords credit (you usually have to spend $100 first to get the free credit), email-only support, and weekly group coaching conversations.

The $48/mo package unlocks payment processing, unlimited exit-intent popups, chat support, and A/B testing. To me, this sounds like the best bang for your buck.

Leadpages offers a $199/mo package, but it’s targeted more towards enterprise-level companies; the only added feature is a Salesforce and Marketo integration, on top of fancy enterprise support.

4. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a conversion-focused funnel plugin. If you want to entice more customers to buy from you, this plugin is for you. Use OptimizePress’s templates to build drag-and-drop sales pages. They offer 30 templates, as well as 40 customized elements to jazz up your site.

What makes OptimizePress truly unique is its integration with membership portals, courses, and webinars. This funnel plugin is perfect for gating members-only content and offering courses on your site – no external platforms needed.

OptimizePress pricing is a simple, one-time fee.

For $97, you get unlimited page-building templates and one year of support. Note that the support does end after one year, which is a bummer.

I recommend going with the $197 option. This gives you access to the membership site plugin, A/B testing, and other page engagement options.

The bottom line

Funnel-building doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. Use any of these funnel-building plugins to do the heavy lifting for you. Your business will benefit from having a managed sales funnel without hours of coding.

If you want something more robust, just give me a shout. My team will create and manage your funnels with zero hassle. Plugins are great, but having a dedicated, professional team on your side is even better.

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