Expert Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

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Hate spending countless time researching every minute detail about running a successful Facebook ad campaign? Let us handle EVERYTHING for you. We'll set it all up in no time so you can relax. Our work is so comprehensive that you can even duplicate them for all future campaigns. 

No learning curve. No spending 10,000 hours watching how-to videos. Our expert playbook is at your disposal.

You'll receive:

  • 3 new ad campaigns from scratch (copy & images)
  • 3 new audiences from scratch (based on your current business and customer analytics)
  • Ads configured for targeting your best audiences

Once we're done, all you have to do is turn the ads from the "paused state" to the "active state" and you'll start seeing steady views and conversions.

Don't worry - we won't run anything without your permission. We'll leave your ads in inactive mode until they get your official stamp of approval.

We'll complete this for you within 5 business days.

*Note: Although your optimized ads will last you a long time, all campaigns require tweaking down the line. You will need to monitor the data from these campaigns and make adjustments when necessary. Keep in mind that all ads will eventually fatigue and need to be revamped.