Create a One Sentence Value Proposition for Your Business

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Marketing your business, product, or service requires a clearly and concisely articulated value statement. Such a statement serves as a litmus test between you and your target audience -- both parties will use it to determine if the other is a good fit for their need.
We will write a single sentence value proposition / brand message for your business, product or service to serve as a fundamental root of your marketing communications.
Gig Requirements

What We Need to Start:

  • What does your business do? What problem does it (your product/service) solve for others?
  • Who does your business/product/service specifically help?
  • What industry or niche is your business in?
  • What is unique about your business/product/service over your competitors?
  • What is your business/product/service URL?

Delivery time is 3 Business Days.