Facebook Custom Audience Built For You

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Facebook nowadays offers powerful data collection and analytics to its advertisers. The trick is using this data to hyper-target the ideal customer. But what the heck does it all mean? How do you interpret the data and make it work for you? 
LET US make sense of everything for you!

After researching your website, product/service, and ad we will:
  • Help you deliver relevant messages to specific people.
  • Get the most value from your ad-spend by only reaching probable customers of your product or service.
  • Look at the audiences you are targeting now and determine what missed opportunities there are.
  • Determine if there are any audiences you are targeting now that you SHOULDN'T be targeting or if there are sub-audiences that you should be excluding (Example: If your website sells Puma shoes, you can target people who "Like" Puma, but you should exclude people who are employed by Puma)  Bottom line - the more targeted your audience, the better

Observed Analytics When Discovering New Audiences To Tap Into:

Demographics - Age, Sex, Location, Income Brackets, Familial Status, Job Titles, etc.

Interests - Competitive/Peer Brands, TV Shows & TV Personalities Your Targeted Audience Likes, Other Noncompetetive Brands That Your Target Audience Have an Affinity For

Purchase Behavior - Likely to Purchase Online or Not 
Travel Habits
Residential Profile
Likely to Spend on Mobile or Not
Early Technology Adopter or Not
Many, Many Others... Too Many To List

We can create a custom audience from scratch or look at your existing one and make recommendations. If you prefer the second option, we will need you to send screenshots of your targeting settings from Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor.

You can either share your credentials with us on LastPass, which you can then remove credential access afterward. 


For this gig, we deliver precise instructions including screenshots of our ad account that show what your targeting parameters should look like within Ad manager. This allows you to simply copy/paste our template for your own campaign. 

Delivery is within 5 business days