Set Up A Facebook Conversion Pixel On Your Website

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The pixel will continue to monitor the actions people take after clicking on your ad. You can see which device they saw the ad on and which device they ultimately converted on.

Other benefits of the Facebook pixel:

Ad optimization:  When you use the Facebook pixel in combination with the bidding option Optimize for Website Conversions, Facebook will automatically show your ads to people who are most likely to convert.

Measurement: You can measure the number of conversions your ads generate to calculate your return on ad spend. You'll see exactly how much you're spending for each conversion and can fine-tune your ads accordingly.

We will install your Facebook pixel on your website and set up the standard events: View Content, Add to Cart, and Checkout.

Once we set this up properly, you will be able to view right from your dashboard how many ad views converted into a:

  • Website Visitor - Viewed content.
  • Add to Cart - Went to your website, found an item they presumably wanted to buy, and then added it to their shopping cart.
  • Checkout - Purchased an item from your website.

There will be absolutely no work on your end other than to grant us temporary access to your website's admin panel. 

Delivery is within 3 days.